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The Prog Machine

Beautiful Chord Progressions Maker

The Prog Machine is the only app you will need to generate incredible chord progressions. From a single interface, you will have at your fingertips five types of chord progressions to inspire you and help you in playing or composing songs in any style.

Over 130 chord progressions available in seven keys. This makes a total of … over 900 different chord progressions!!! There is no song on earth that has not been composed with one of the progressions available in this app.

Choose the key you want to use, C, A, E … whatever. Then choose a type of chord progression. The app will show you a lot of chord progressions that sound incredibly well. You can play with your instrument the progressions as they appear on the screen or use them as inspiration for your own composition. You also have a help page with tips to get the most out of the app.

It is the perfect app for musicians/songwriters who want to have a tool that generates a multitude of different chord progressions to help them in their work as a composer, practice time or simply to organize a small jam with friends.

Designed by musicians for musicians

The Prog Machine is designed to be used while playing your instrument. It´s not the classic app to be used lying on the sofa or while you are waiting for the bus. 

An app for any kind of musician

No matter your level, whether you are a beginner or a professional, in this application you will find a huge amount of ideas to compose, practice or just have a good time.

There are no midi or audio files. This is you, your instrument and the app. This way you will have more freedom to choose the rhythm and mood of what you play.

Available for iPhone and iPad, get it now !