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This is not another guitar chords app. Here you won´t find hundreds of boring guitar chords that everyone uses in their songs over and over again. This is a curated selection of beautiful guitar chords to bring your songs to the next level.

Forget those boring barre chords. No matter your level or skill with the guitar, with Chool you can start using chords that sound really good. Make your songs come alive. Stand out from the rest of songwriters.

Have you ever wondered why some songs sound so good? That’s because they use chords and voicings different from the rest of songs. Don´t let the chord names intimidate you. Just look at the root and whether the chord is major or minor.

Curated guitar chords

The most beautiful guitar chords collection you can find in an app

With Chool you have access to more than 100 beautiful guitar chords. In this careful app you have 5 sections:

Available for iPhone and iPad, get it now !